Mom sons bully

Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings. Seemingly tired at the inaction taken against her son's bully, the mom decided to take matters into her own hands. The video, which was uploaded on Twitter , shows the mom getting up close to the bully as he filmed her and launching a brutal verbal attack against him. He keeps telling her to move away from him, but she ignores him and dares him to "touch" her son again. He tells her, "You can't touch me, you ain't allowed to touch me," to little avail.
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9 Things I Want the Mom of My Son’s Bully to Know

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New Jersey Mom Beaten By Boy Who Told Son "Mexicans Should Go Back Behind The Wall"

A New Jersey mom was beaten unconscious last week by a year-old boy who had shouted racist chants at her year-old son the day before, her lawyer told BuzzFeed News. Beronica Ruiz, 35, suffered a concussion and facial fractures after the boy allegedly punched her in the face and threw her to the ground just blocks away from Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School No. The year-old, who is not being named because he is a minor, had allegedly chanted "Mexicans should go back behind the wall" at Ruiz's son, along with a few other boys in the cafeteria on June Her son, who is also not being named, responded to them, "We all come from immigrants," lawyer Daniel Santiago said. Fearing for his safety, the year-old pulled a teacher aside, and he was sequestered in an office or classroom to keep him away from the boys, Santiago said. Ruiz didn't find out any of this until her son came home and told her he was scared to go to school the next day.
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Video shows raging mom confronting son’s bully

Sareena Finn told MailOnline that her son has been bullied constantly for several months and when she saw one of the alleged perpetrators outside a Tesco store close to where she lives on Sunday, she 'wasn't going to let him get away with it'. In the video, thought to have been filmed in London , Ms Finn looked straight at the camera and launched a verbal tirade just inches from the boy's face. During the angry exchange she told the youth she wouldn't stop 'getting close' and 'dared' him to touch her son again. Describing the incident, Ms Finn said: 'My intention was to approach him calmly, but he was rude, and my emotions got the better of me. Sareena Finn says she 'lost the plot' when she saw one of her son's alleged bullies outside a Tesco store near her home.
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Jamie Rathburn of Simpsonville, S. The mother added that teachers were mandated to follow her son everywhere he went — including during recess and lunch. According to Rathburn, she and the school had multiple meetings about the bullying situation, but nothing changed for her son.
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